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This week saw all the team's head up to the D/C to compete for one of the most coveted trophies in the league. It was played to a finish over Wednesday & Thursday nights and the standard of darts each night was exceptionally high.

Weds Quarter-Finals:

(1) Clonard Hibs beat the hosts 5 vs 1 with great darts from Conor Hanna 100,100,85 beating Alan Hanna 125,100. Anto Smith 137,100 beating Paul Doonan 100 85. Adam McDade 180,122,100 beating Joe Corr 125,125,101. Pearse Maguire 125,100 beating Eamon McVeigh 135,100 and Tommy Fitzpatrick 174,100,98 beating D/C's John McLaughlin 100,100,100. Gary Smith got D/C's sole win of the match

MOM T Fitzpatrick.


Casement played Hibs 58 in the second quarter and what a game it was. Hibs 58 just squeezed into the next round beating their rivals in the last game for a 5 vs 4 win. Casements four winners were C McKay 100,100 Pat McGuiness 123,85,85,83 Paul Condon 115,100,95,85,83 and Colm McGuiness 140,140,99 leaving them needing one more but Hibs 58 won the last two games to take the match 5 vs 4 with wins from Tucker Clarke 140,100,95 Martin Corbett 140,100,85,83,83 Tony Corr 100,95,95,81 Sean Patterson 140,140,140,100 (29) & Damien Corbett 114,100,85 81

MOM Sean Patterson


St. Mathews got through to the semis by beating Star Celtic 5 vs 1

Rab Lyttle 100,100,100, 85, 81 got Star's consolation win beating Pat McGahan 95,93 whilst Gerard McGuiness 134, 95, 80 beat Ian Haywood. Billy McDade 180 85, 85, 84 beat F Kelly 95, 95, 84 ,82. Jap McKinley got a bye. Joe Mcatamney 100, 100,100 beat Henry McTasney (snr) 85,85,85 81 & Jimmy Lavery 85,85,85 beat M Maloney to leave it 5 vs 1 to the Short Strand outfit

MOM Rab Lyttle


Casey's 3 vs 5 D/C Swifts

The last team to make the semi-finals was the Swifts who had a great match against Casey's. DC's winners were James McStravick 121, 100, 95, 85 against Eugene Brannigan 100, 100, 85, 85. Tucker Kearny 85, 85, 60, 60 against Seamus Armstrong 88, 85 60 Patrick McGeown 89, 83, 81, 80, 65, 60, 60 beating Gerry McIlduff 95, 92, 75. Kevin O'Neill (29)134, 100, 65 against Connor Smyth 85, 81, 81, 75 and in the next game Junior McManus received a bye. The three Casey's winners were Seamus Robert's 115, 100, 97, 60, 60, 60 against Harry Smyth 85, 83, 67, 60. Paul Smyth 140, 85, 85 who beat Tom Kearney 95 85, 60 and Dan Cahoon 100, 85, 76, 70 who beat C Kearney

MOM Kevin O'Neill

Thursday nights Semi-Finals

(1) D/C Swifts 2 vs 5 St. Mathews

Tom Kearney 95,95 gave the Swifts the perfect start beating Pat McGahan 100, 85, 80, 76. Joe O'Kane 85, 83, 83, 75 levelled the scores beating James McStravick 100, 100, 85, 80 and Gerard McGuiness 100, 100, 85 put his team in front for the first time beating Coalan Kearney. Harry Smyth 100, 85, 85 brought it back level at 2 vs 2 by hitting his double first against Joe McAtamney 100, 100, 100, 85, 81. That was when St. Mathews stepped it up a notch and had 3 unanswered wins from Con Kielty 121, 100, 85, 81 against Kevin O'Neill 125, 100, 95, 85. Billy McDade 89, 85, 85 against Michael Burns 100, 85 and Davy McCusker (29) 140, 100, 100, 85 to put them through to the final.

MOM D McCusker


The other semi-final paired the two Hibs teams and it went to the last game in favour of Hibs 58.

Mark Lynch got a bye in the first leg but John Doyle 125,100,85 soon got his team mates cheering beating Tony Corr to level it up. Joe Dinnen 100, 100 beat Hugh McShane to put 58 back in front only for Adam McDade 180, 140, 140, 100 (20) to show what he's capable of and equal his lowest 701 darts of the season. Martin Corbett 100, 100, 100, 100 (28) beat Conor Hanna to put 58 3 vs 2 up. Jap Craig got 58's second bye of the match 4 vs 2 but Clonard took the next two games through Tommy Fitzpatrick 123,100 against Damien Corbett and Pearse Maguire against Sean Patterson which meant it was a decider which Tucker Clarke just outlasted John McCann to put Hibs 58 into the Final.

Final D/C Cup:

This was a greatly anticipated final as these two teams have had some great tussles this season with 5 vs 4 results too both teams a regular scoreline when they've met. Not on this occasion though as St. Mathews showed no mercy on the doubles going into a 4 vs 0 lead through Jap McKinley (26) 121, 100, 100, 83, 82 against Joe Dineen. Pat McGahan 100, 85, 81 against Jap Craig. Con Kielty 114, 100, 81, 80 against Sean Patterson 140, 121, 100 and Davy McCusker 131, 100, 100, 81 over Mark Lynch 98, 85, 81. Jim Lynch temporarily stopped the rot in beating an unlucky Jimmy Lavery 102, 100, 100, 95 but not for long as Joe Mcatamney 140, 100, 95, 85, 85 beat Martin Corbett 100, 100, 100, 99, 81 to win the cup for St. Mathews.

Hibs 58 1 vs 5 St.Mathews

MOM Jap McKinley

Congratulations to St.Mathews and commiserations to Hibs. Thanks to the D/C club for the use of their club rooms.

Next week its down to one from 3 for League honours on Wednesday and a great night of reflection, possible play offs but definitely lots of food, drink and dancing with the Presentation night on Friday 08th in St. Mathews. Tickets still available, contact your delegates, Committee member or Pat McGahan at St. Mats


Sean Patterson



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*Clonard Hibs and St. Mathews share spoils in thriller/ Mooney hits 11 Darter.*

This weeks’ darts results in the FonaCab Central darts league were as follows;

Clonard Hibs 4 vs 4 St, Mathews.

This game had everything resting upon it. The top two teams were only separated by a single point and the League title could have been decided this night. First game brought Dan Delaney in against Con Kielty. Con won the first game in 21 darts with a 73 finish with scores of 140,100 & 81 but Dan took the next two with scores of 180, 140, 93 in (15 & 28) darts to give Hibs a great start. Conor Hanna then faced off against Jap McKinley and the St. Mathews man got off to the better start taking the first leg in 24 darts with scores of 100,100,100 only again to see his opponent take the next two in (26 & 27) darts with four tons included to put Hibs into a 2 vs 0 lead. Martin Irwin was next up for the Short Strand outfit and he duly obliged winning 2 vs 1 in (22 & 26) darts with good scores of 100,100,92,87,83,81 against John McCann 121,100,99 & 87 to get his team started. Billy McDade brought his team level winning the next game 2 vs 1 against Anto Smyth. Anto took the first leg with scores of 100,100 but Billy came flying back in the next two legs with scores of 100,100,92,85,85,85 to bring the teams level at 2 vs 2. Hibs looked to one of their leaders in the 5th leg and Adam McDade duly obliged winning 2 vs 0 with scores of 180,140,100,97,85,80 in (20 & 24 darts) against Joe O’Kane 140,85,85. Davy McCusker then stepped up for St. Mathews and restored parity at 3 vs 3 with a fantastic couple of legs in (16 & 20) with scores of 180,140,100,100,100, against one of the current player of the year contenders Sean Paul Grant 140,100,85,81. The neutrals watching must have been drooling by this stage as the next two up were the winner of the previous weeks individuals and the beaten semi-finalist in St. Mathews’ Dessie Magee and Pearse Maguire from Clonard Hibs. What a game they produced with Dessie coming out on top 2 vs 1 with scores of 137,100,100,85,81,81 in (24 & 28) darts against a very unlucky loser in Pearse who won his game in 22 darts but with scores of 180,180,140,101,98 & 85 played a fantastic part in the game. At 4 vs 3 St. Mathews knew if they took the next game they were uncatchable and Clonard Hibs knew it would be over. Joe McAtamney with scores over the three legs of 140,140,100,100,85,81 won the first leg in 25 darts meaning they were one leg away from being champions but with the darts thrown on the night it was only fitting that Clonard Hib’s Tommy Fitzpatrick ensured we have to wait another week to crown this year’s champions when he took the last two legs in (21 & 22) darts with scores of 137,100,100,95,85,80 Final Score 4 vs 4 MOM D McCusker

Casement 6 vs 2 Crumlin Star.

Casement kept up their challenge for league honours going with a great result against a very talented opposition in Crumlin Star. Pat McGuinness got Casement off to a great start beating Dougie Bowes 2 vs 1 in (22 & 24) darts. Pat had scores over the 3 legs of 137,100,100,100,100,95,85 against Dougies 125,100,89,85,85,83. Paul Condon kept up his fine form with a good win over Peter Fitzpatrick winning in (21 & 27) darts to make it 2 vs 0 to Casement. Jim Flannigan beat Colm McGuinness 2 - 0 to make it 2 vs 1 in the match only to see Kieran McGuinness 140,137,100 restore Casements lead to 3 vs 1 beating Hugh Groves 123,100 2 - 0. Freddie Stilges ripped up the form book by beating Henry McCann 2 - 1 with scores of 110,100,100,95,85 against Henry’s 140,100,97,85,81,81 to peg them back to 3 vs 2. Up next, and continuing his fine recent run was Gerry McCormick who threw fantastic darts of 140,140,140,100,100 (17 & 19) in his 2 - 0 victory over Fra Glennon putting his team 4 vs 2 up. Ricky Saddler (23 & 28) 136,96,95,95,84,83 beat James Porter and Vinty Lenzy Bye won the last two games to make the final score 6 vs 2 to Casement: MOM G McCormick

DC Swifts 1 vs 7 Hibs 58.

These two teams played out a smashing game up in the DC clubrooms. Junior McManus 99,96,95,84 beat Joe Dinnen 140,100,97,85,85,81 2 - 0 to give DC a flying start but it went all downhill for them after that with Hibs 58 racking up another 7 games without reply through Damien Corbett 2 - 0 135,100,95,83,81 against Caolan Kerney 90,80, Jim Lynch 2 - 0 130,97,71,71,70 against Harry Smith, Tony Corr 2 – 0 (21) 100,100,100,81,80,76 against Tom Kearney 95,85,83,71 Tucker Clarke 2 – 1 140,100,85,81,81,80 (27 & 27) against a gallant loser in Patrick McGeown 140,100,100,99,99,97,85,81 (24) Martin Corbett 2 – 0 121,100,99,82,81,78 beat Michael Burns 100,97. The next game was amazing to watch as Martin Mooney hit scores of 180,140,100 & two dart 81 finish to register the lowest darts in the league so far (11) and 105,100,85,83 (25) to beat Kevin O’Neill 2 – 0. Sean Patterson beat Tucker Kearney 2 – 0 in the last leg to leave it DC 1 vs 7 Hibs 58: MOM Martin Mooney

Star Celtic 4 vs 4 Casey’s.

The final game from this round of matches pitted Star Celtic against Casey’s. Dan Cahoon put Casey’s 1 vs 0 up beat Rab Lyttle 2 – 0 with scores of 140,100,100,100,100,100,86 (24 & 26). Stephen Leckey 140,100,100,100,100,100,85 made it 2 vs 0 beating Gerard Smith 120,76,75,60,60. Ian Haywood pulled one back for Star Celtic 134,100,100,84,81,73,71,70 beating Conor Smyth from Casey’s 100,100,98,85,85,80,60,60,60 2 – 1 to bring it back to 2 vs 1. Gerard Holmes 180,100,97,60,60,60 (24 & 22) made it 3 vs 1 in beating Rhys Haywood 2 – 0 Tony Kelly 140, 90,85,83,60,60,60 got it back to 3 vs 2 when he beat Gerry McIlduff 2 – 0 only to watch Seamy Roberts 100,100,100,98,85 beat Henry McTasney Snr 100,92,85,66,65 2 – 0 to put Casey’s back into a two game lead. Star Celtic then received two byes in the last games to share the spoils at 4 vs 4: MOM Gerard Holmes

All roads lead to the Donegal Celtic Clubrooms for their Prestigious Cup which is played out this coming Wednesday and Thursday nights the 29th & 30 June…Anyone looking Presentation tickets for the annual end of season event please contact your team delegate/committee member or a member of St. Mathews club/team

Sean Patterson.



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Last week all avenue’s led to the Hibs club for the last 32 of the Central Darts League’s Jody Reynolds individuals were being played to a finish, alongside a hotly contested “Duffers Cup”.


First round winners

Mat Doone vs Joe Doone

Kieran McGuinness vs Dan Sloane

Tony Kelly vs Davy Smith

Paul Doonen vs Stilgess

Anto Smith vs Seamus Armstrong

Alan Hanna vs Michael Burns

Gerard McGuiness vs Felix McGeown

Henry McTasney vs Jim Flannigan

Con Kielty vs Caolan Kearney

Last 16 games;

Tommy Fitzpatrick vs Jim Lynch

Tommy Kelly vs Jap Craig (180)

Kieran McGuinness vs K. Smyth

Joe Dinnen vs Paul Doonan

Con Kielty vs Henry McTasney jnr

Anto Smith vs Eamonn McVeigh

Rab Lyttle vs Matt Doone

Alan Hanna vs Gerard McGuinness

Last Eight Games;

Anto Smith vs Con Kielty

Joe Dinnen vs Alan Hanna

Tommy Fitzpatrick vs Rab Lyttle

Tony Kelly vs Kiran McGuinness

Semi- Finals;

Tommy Fitzpatrick vs Tony Kelly

Joe Dinnen vs Anto Smith.

Final of Duffers Cup;

The final was a cracking game between Joe Dinnen and Tommy Fitzpatrick with Joe winning 2 v 0 with scores of 140,140,100,100 & Tommy had great scores of 100,100,100,100. Two stalwarts of the league and gentlemen as well.

Last 32 of Jody Reynolds Individuals

Paddy McGeown (15) 100,100,100,109F 3 vs 2 beat Martin Corbett 180,100,100,95

Tony Corr 180,100,100,85 3 vs 0 Joe Corr 100,100,95,95

Dan Cahoon (19,20,21 darts) 140,100,100,100,125 3 vs 1 Connor Hanna 100,100,100,100

Dan Delaney 3 vs 1 Jimmy Lavery

Adam McDade 180, 100,100 3 vs 1 Paul Condon 180,100,100,100 (14D)

Pearse Maguire 180,100,100 (17D) 3vs 2 Seamus Roberts 100,100,100,100

Davy McCusker 3 vs 1 Ian Haywood

Billy McDade (Received bye)

Gerry McCormick (20,21, 106F) 140,100,100, 3 vs 1 Colm McGuiness 100,100,100

Damien Corbett (23) 3 vs 2 Mickey McCartan

James McStravick 3 vs 0 Tommy Henry

Martin Irwin 3 vs 0 Tucker Kearny

Connor Smyth 3 vs 2 Harry Smith

Ben Lagan 3 vs 2 John Mclaughlin

Dessie Magee 3 vs 0 Martin Lawlor

Chinky Smith 3 vs 0 Martin Maloney

Last 16;

Ben Lagan 3 vs 2 Tony Corr

Gerry McCormick(18,24D) 140,100,100 3 vs 2 Davy McCusker 177,100,100 (19D)

Pearse Maguire 3 vs 2 Damien Corbett

Dessie Magee 3 vs 0 Connor Smith

Paddy McGeown 3 vs 2 Adam McDade

Chinky Smith (180) 3 vs 2 Billy McDade

Dan Delaney 3 vs 0 Martin Irwin

James McStravick (19,21,24D) 3 vs 1 Dan Cahoon (16)

Quarter Finals;

Gerry McCormick (21D) 3 vs 0 Chinky Smith

Pearse Maguire (18D) 3 vs 2 Dan Delaney

Paddy McGeown 3 vs 1 James McStravick

Dessie Magee (15,18,19D) 140,140,100,100,100 3 vs 1 Ben Lagan (18D) 180,100,100


Dessie Magee 100,100,100,100,140,140,140,100,100,100,100 4 vs 2 Paddy McGeown 140,100,100,100,100,100,100

Gerry McCormick 125,121 (155Fin) (20,21,24,& 25D) 4 vs 1 Pearse Maguire 121,100,100

The Final pitted one of the old scene against a newbie in Gerry McCormick against Dessie Magee and the crowd settled down to watch what they thought would be a smashing tight game. Unfortunately Dessie Magee never read the script and breezed through to win his first Jody Reynolds Individual trophy 4 vs 0 with scores in the four games of 100,95,99,99,95,100,100,125,121, against Gerry’s scores of 100,95,100,125,107,100. Congratulations to Dessie who played fantastic darts throughout the tournament and commiserations to Gerry who played fantastically well especially after only getting back from a few injuries. The Hibs should be mentioned for hosting this trophy and ensuring the name of Jody Reynolds will always be remembered with reverence and respect it deserves.

Back to league fixtures this week and its getting really tight going into the last few weeks of the season.

Sean Patterson.



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Welcome everyone to this Fonacab Central Dart League report for games commencing week 16.

After week 16’s league results there is still the possibility of one of 3 teams becoming League Champions.

Hibs 58 (5) vs (3) St. Mathews;

This match was an absolute cracker from start to finish.

Damien Corbett (23) 100,132,77,85,85,90 put Hibs 1 – 0 beating Pat McGahan 81,70 (2 - 0).

Martin Irwin (27) & (26) 100,140,100,100,99,135 made it 1 -1 with a 2 – 1 victory over Sean Patterson (24) 140,100,99,99,85,85,81.

Dessie Magee (15 & 17) 121,140,100,140,87,85,85,136,140,95 put St. Mathews back into the lead 2 – 1 with a cracking display against Martin Corbett (22) 140,100,100,100,85,85

Con Kielty 100,100 put his team 3 – 1 in front winning 2 – 0 against Jim Lynch 95,84,85.

That was as good as it got for St. Mathews though as Hibs 58 rattled off the next four games in a row to win 5 – 3 through great darts from

Martin Mooney (23 & 29) 100,92,81,81,81 who beat Joe McAtamney 100,100,98 2 – 0.

Tony Corr (25 & 30) 100,100,85,85,85,81 who edged Jap McKinley (26) 140,100,100,95,81 2 – 1

Tucker Clarke (23 & 23) 123,100,95,85 who beat Davy McCusker 140,100,100 2 – 0 and

Mark Lynch (23 & 30) 121,83,81,137,85,85,100,99,81 who had a cracking tussle with Billy McDade (31) winning 2 – 1

MOM Desi Magee 15/17

Donegal Celtic (2) vs (6) Clonard Hibs;

Clonard Hibs were trying to keep up the pressure on St. Mathews knowing only a win would suffice.

They duly obliged going 5 – 0 up with wins from,

Davy Smith 0 vs 2 Adam McDade (24 & 25) 140,85

John McLaughlin 100,85 0 vs 2 Conor Hanna (17 & 23) 180, 100,140

Paul Doonan 0 vs 2 Dan Delaney (23 & 30) 140,100,100,100

Gary Smith 125,100,100 0 vs 2 Pearse Maguire (17 & 20) 134,137,100,100

Alan Hanna 140,100,100 1 vs 2 Dan Sloan (142 fin) before the DC’s

Joe Corr 133, 85 2 vs 0 Anto Smith showed his teammates how to do it

Eamonn McVeigh 0 vs 2 Tommy Fitzpatrick 124,85 made it 1 vs 6 and finally

Matt Doone 100,100, 0 vs 2 Sean Paul Grant 140,140,100 made the final score

DC 1 vs 7 Clonard Hibs

MOM Pearse Maguire 17/20

Casement (5) vs Cassies (3)

This local derby went all the way to the last game which the home team won to stay in contention for League honours.

Colm McGuiness (26 & 22) 140,121,81,140,100,81 2 vs 1 beat Stephen Lecky put the home team in 1 – 0 in front.

Gerry McCormick (25 & 28) 100,85,100,81 2 vs 0 Paul Smyth doubled their lead 2 – 0 .

Ricky Saddler (27) 133,127,98,95,95,95 lost 1 vs 2 to MOM Dan Cahoon (20 & 22) 100,100,100,100,95,95,90,85 making it 2 vs 1 in matches.

Kieran McGuiness 100,99,99,85 beat Connor Smyth 180,100,100,81 2 vs 1 to make it 3 vs 1.

Pat McGuinness 120,100 lost 0 vs 2 Eugene Brannigan (22 & 29) 100,85,85,85,100,81,81 bringing Cassies back into it 3 vs 2

Butch Mallon (21 & 24) 139,125,121,100,100,85,85,81 played brilliant against Vinty Lenzi (32) 100,100,81,81,81 to level the match at 3 vs 3.

Casement however had two stalwart’s coming in and Paul Condon (23 & 22) 134,140,100,100,99,97,96,87,85,84 who beat Olcan Kearney (22) 156,100,85,84,82,81 in a tight 2 – 1 win &

Henry McCann (24 & 30) 140,135 who took the last game of the night against Gerard Holmes 90,83 ensured that the league will remain a three way race right up until the end.

MOM Dan Cahoon 20/22

The final match of this round was

Star Celtic (2) vs (6) D/C Swifts

DC swifts played very well to come away with both points against a talented Star Celtic team who have taken points off some great teams this year. They took the first five games without reply.

Michael Burns (27 & 33) 138,100,100,95,85 put the away team 0 – 1 up beating Reece Haywood (33) 98,97,92,84,71.

Junior McManus 101,85,85,85,85,70,60 doubled their lead 0 – 2 in beating Stars Geordie Smith 148,100,85,85,85,81,60.

Tucker Kearny 85,80,77,75,60,60 made it 0 – 3 beating Henry McTasney snr 100,100,90,89,83,60

His team mate Kevin O’Neill (29 & 33) 96,95,95,95,85,79 extended Celtics lead to 0 – 4 by beating Star’s Martin Maloney 100,85,80 0 – 2 before

James McStravick (20 & 24) 131,125,60,60,140,100,95 earned the MOM accolade beating Star’s Ian Haywood 100,85,64,60,89,63,60 by the same scoreline leaving it 0 – 5 to D/C .

Henry McTasney Jnr 95,95,83,79,76,75 also lost out to another 0 – 2 result in the 6th game to Paddy McGeown (21) 95,95,85,85,60,60,60 but they were able to save some face when

Rab Lytlle (21) 140,85,80,80,70,60,60 beat Caolan Kearney 100,85,89,85,60 2 – 0 and Tony Keily 100,85,85,81,81,80 beat Harry Smith 95,85,65,60 also by the scoreline of 2 – 0 to leave the final score a more respectable 2 vs 6 to D/C swifts

MOM James McStravick 20/24

This Wednesday 15th of June the Jody Reynolds Individuals will play out in the Hibs Showrooms with the last 32 winners playing for this most prestigious trophy. Those unfortunate to be first round losers can still compete for a cup that will be won on that night also. Last call for both 8.30pm prompt

Good luck to all



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This week saw the top half and bottom half cups take place

The John Devine cup took place in the Casement club with the top five teams involved and the Tommy Henry cup took place in the Crumlin Star club involving the bottom four clubs


There was a preliminary match to be drawn out and it pulled out a cracker with St Matthews playing Hibs 58

St Matthews 2

Hibs 58 5

Joe Dineen put 58 one up hitting the 180 in his win over Pat McGahan but Martin Irwin (31&13) made it 1 1 beating Damien Corbett

Martin Mooney (26) made it 2 1 with a win over Jap Mc Kinley and Tony Corr (29) made it 3 1 beating Mickey McCartan

Davy McCusker (25) then produced a man of the match performance against a gallant young Sean Patterson to pull it back to 4 2 but Mark Lynch beat Dessie Magee to send Hibs 58 into the semi finals

Semi Final 1

Caseys 2

Clonard Hibs 5

Dan Cahoon (32) got Caseys of to a great start beating Adam McDade but then Dan Sloan (34) made it 1 1 beating Gerry McIlduff

Once again Caseys went ahead thanks to a man of the match performance from Butch Mallon (30&68fin) against Pearse Maguire but that was as good as it got for the Caseys with Clonard Hibs reeling of the next four games with Tommy Fitzpatrick beating Conor Smyth followed by Conor Hanna beating Eugene Brannigan and then Dan Delaney beat Seamy Roberts with John Mc Cann wrapping things up beating Gerard Holmes to leave the final score at 5 2

Semi Final 2

Casement 2

Hibs 58 5

Tucker Clarke(29) put 58 one up when he beat Ricky Saddler but Kieran McGuinness made it 1 1 beating Sean Patterson jnr

The next game saw a man of the match performance from Mark Lynch (26d&180&60fin) against Henry McCann and that was followed by a win for Martin Corbett (27) against Paul Condon to make it 3 1

The next game saw Colm McGuinness beat Joe Dineen to pull it back to 3 2 but 58 took the next two games with Damien Corbett (29) beating Ciaran McKay and Sean Patterson snr beating Joe Doone to make it an all Hibs final


Hibs 58 5

Clonard Hibs 3

Tucker Clarke (33) won the first game against John Mc Cann and Tony Corr (34) made it 2 0 beating Anto Smith but Clonard fought back with Tommy Fitzpatrick (30) beating Martin Corbett with a great 101 checkout and then Conor Hanna (25) threw great darts to beat Joe Dineen and level at 2 2

Pearse Maguire(30) then put Clonard 3 2 up with a win over Sean Patterson jnr

Mark Lynch then made it 3 3 when he beat Sean Paul Grant and the next game saw man of the match Martin Mooney throw a super 23 darter to defeat Dan Delaney

Damien Corbett then hit some great scores and after a few missed doubles he beat Dan Sloan to win the Eamon Devine cup for 58


Semi Final 1

Donegal Celtic Swifts 5

Star Celtic 3

The Swifts raced into a 4 0 lead starting with a man of the match performance from Patrick McGeown (25) who beat Henry McTasney jnr and that was followed by a win for Kevin O Neill over Aaron McGovern with Junior McManus making it 3 0 hitting the big 180 in his win over Henry McTasney snr and incredibly it was 4 0 when Caolan Kearney beat Rab Lyttle but the Star weren't done yet and back they came to make it 4 3 with Tony Kelly beating James McStravick in a good game followed by a win for Martin Maloney against Tucker Kearney and a win for Ian Haywood against Harry Smith

The next game saw Tom Kearney hold his nerve to beat Gerard Smith and send the Swifts into the final

Semi Final 2

Donegal Celtic 3

Crumlin Star 5

This was a tight game with Dougie Bowes(30) putting the Star one up beating Ciaran Smith only for Gary Smith to beat Jim Flanagan to make it 1 1

The Star went 2 1 up when Tommy Henry (30) beat Alan Hanna and it was 3 1 thanks to a man of the match performance from Ben Lagan (28) in his win over John Mc Laughlin and the next game saw Hugh Grieves win a scrappy game against Joe Corr to make it 4 1 but back came Dc thanks to Paul Doonan beating Peter Fitzpatrick and then Matt Doone beating Freddie Stelges to leave the score at 4 3 to the Star and the next game saw Fra Glennon beating Davy Smith to put the Crumlin Star into the final


Dc Swifts 5

Crumlin Star 1

I dont think anyone saw this scoreline coming but credit were credit is due the Swifts threw cracking darts

The game started of with Jim Flanagan beating Harry Smith to put the Star one up but incredibly the Swifts never lost another game with Patrick McGeown beating Seamie Martin to make it 1 1 and it was 2 1 when Kevin O Neill beat Freddie Stelges

This was followed by a man of the match performance from Michael Burns (32&60fin) in a good win over Ben Lagan to make it 3 1 to the Swifts

Junior McManus made it 4 1 with a good win over Tommy Henry and James McStravick beat Peter Fitzpatrick to send the Swifts boys crazy with delight leaving the final score at 5 2

The league would like to thank the Casement and Crumlin Star for their sponsorship and use of their rooms and once again congratulations to Hibs 58 and Dc Swifts

This week its back to league fixtures



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Casement win at the DC and in the other games

St Matthews ease past Star Celtic

Hibs 58 thump Caseys and Crumlin Star beat the DC and Clonard Hibs receive the bye

Donegal Celtic Swifts 2

Casement 6

Vinty Lenzi put Casement 1 0 up with a 2 0 win over Felix McGeown (180) but it was 1 1 when Junior McManus beat Chopper McKay 2 0

Casement went 2 1 up thanks to Paul Condon(180) beating Harry Smith 2 0 but once again Swifts levelled the match with Tom Kearney beating Joe Doone 2 0

That was as good as it got for the Swifts as Casement reeled off the next four games starting with Henry McCann beating Paul Scott 2 0 and that was followed by a man of the match performance from Ricky Saddler (25&26) who beat Kevin O Neill to make it 4 2

Pat McGuinness (28&29) made it 5 2 with a 2 1 victory over Patrick McGeown (22) and it was 6 2 when Kieran McGuinness beat Caolan Kearney 2 0

St Matthews 6

Star Celtic 2

St Matthews raced away with this one taking the first five games

Joe McAttamney(26) got things going with a 2 0 win over Aaron McGovern

The next game saw Davy McCusker(22&17) produce a man of the performance in his 2 0 win over Henry McTasney jnr and Billy McDade(25&23) won a good game 2 1 against a gallant Tony Kelly (30&180) to make it 3 0 and Con Kielty (27) made it 4 1 with a 2 1 win over Martin Maloney (25) and the next game saw Martin Irwin (21&23) make it 5 0 with a 2 0 win over Rab Lyttle

Gerard Smith got the Star on the scoresheet with a 2 0 win over Jimmy Lavery to make it 5 1

Jap Mc Kinley(25) made it 6 1 to St Matthews beating Rhys Haywood 2 0 and the final game saw Henry McTasney snr beat Gerard McGuinness 2 1 to leave the final score at 6 2 to St Matthews

Caseys 1

Hibs 58 7

58 travelled up to Casement and came away with both points with a big win

Man of the match Mark Lynch (19&20) put 58 one up with a 2 0 win over Seamus Armstrong and it was 2 0 when Martin Corbett (20&26) beat Dan Cahoon (25) 2 1 in a good game

It was 3 0 when Tucker Clarke (26&24) beat Conor Smyth (180) 2 0

Caseys pulled one back when Eugene Brannigan (26&24) beat Sean Patterson (27) 2 1 to make it 3 1 but 58 took the next four games with wins for for Joe Dineen who beat Gerry McIlduff 2 1 followed by a 2 1 win Martin Mooney (25) over an unlucky Seamy Roberts (26)

The next game saw Tony Corr (16&25) beat Paul Smith 2 0 and the final game saw Conor Christie beating Stephen Lecky 2 1 to leave the final score at 7 1 to 58

Crumlin Star 6

Donegal Celtic 2

Tommy Henry (22&30) got the Star going with a 2 0 win over Alan Hanna and the next game was a bye for Jim Flanagan making it 2 0

John Mc Laughlin(24) made it 2 1 with a 2 1 win over Hugh Grieves (27) and it was 2 2 when Gary Smith (25) had a good 2 1 win over Seamie Martin (23)

The Star went 3 2 up when Freddie Stelges beat Davy Smith 2 1 and it was 4 2 when Dougie Bowes(27) beat Joe Corr 2 1 and man of the match Ben Lagan (17&25) made the points secure with a 2 0 win over Kevin Smith and in the final game Peter Fitzpatrick beat Paul Doonan 2 0 to leave the final score at 6 2 to the Star

Clonard Hibs received the bye

This week sees the split cups

The top half cup will take place in the Casement club

(St Matthews/Clonard Hibs/Casement/Hibs 58 & Caseys)

The bottom half cup will take place in the Crumlin Star club

(Crumlin Star/Donegal Celtic/ Donegal Swifts & Star Celtic

Both cups are an 8.30 start




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All nine teams were in St Matthews on Wednesday night and the draw took place with the preliminary match being drawn first and it brought out the home club St Matthews against Casement which delighted some of the crowd

St Matthews 5

Casement 1

The scoreline is actually a bit harsh as this match could have went either way with the darts and finishing on both sides were average Ricky Saddler beat Jap Mc Kinley to put Casement 1 0 up scoring heavily (133/95/95/95/79) but it was 1 1 when Pat McGahan (100/81/100) beat Gerry McCormick and it was 2 1 to St Matthews when man of the match Dessie Magee(32d & 20f) beat Kieran McGuinness and it was 3 1 when Joe Mc Attamney (100/85/81/81) beat Pat Mc Guinness again a match that could have went either way and it was Martin Irwin up next and he beat Joe Doone to make it 4 1 and Billy McDade beat Chopper McKay who was at his double first but it was Billy that sent St Matthews into the quarter finals. The draw was made and again it paired two of the so called big guns against each other with Hibs 58 playing their club rivals Clonard Hibs

St Matthews drew the DC

Caseys got DC Swifts and the final match was another derby with Crumlin Star drew against their club rivals Star Celtic

Q/F 1

Hibs 58 5

Clonard Hibs 3

Damien Corbett(37d 85/99/140/82) got 58 off to a flyer beating Conor Hanna (125/97/84/100)to make it 1 0 but Pearse Maguire(36)beat Sean Patterson to make it 1 1

Martin Mooney (33d 83/121/100/81) beat Dan Sloan to put 58 2 1 up only for man of the match Dan Delaney (29d 95/140/81/99) to beat Joe Dineen (100/100/100/81) and make it 2 2

John Mc Cann(35d 81/100/100/224) then put Clonard 3 2 up

Beating Mark Lynch but that was as good as it got for them because 58 reeled off the next three games thanks to Tony Corr (36d/135/140) beating Hugh McShane and Conor Christie beating Anto Smith with the final game being a bye for Martin Corbett who would have played Adam McDade and so 58 were into the semi finals

St Matthews 5

Donegal Celtic 2

Con Kelty(36d 121/140) got St Matthews going with a tough win over Alan Hanna (81/100/85/99) but Eamon McVeigh (32d 120/100/95/134) then beat Billy McDade to make it 1 1

Jimmy Lavery (34d 81/81/81/81 ) beat Joe Corr to restore St Matthews lead at 2 1and once again the DC were level when Dee Smith (99/123/93) beat an unlucky Jap Mc Kinley (81/125/100/85)

Once again St Matthews took the lead with Joe McAttamney (35d 85/140) beating Paul Doonan and it was 4 2 when Pat McGahan (100/138/137) beat Gary Smith with man of the match Martin Irwin (31d 81/85/100/80/81) then beating Kieran Smyth to send St Matthews into the semi finals

Q/F 3


DC Swifts 3

Caseys raced into a 3 0 lead with Seamus Armstrong beating an unlucky Caolan Kearney (129/85/81)and then Seamy Roberts (31d 95/100/140) beating Felix McGeown and this was followed by a win for Olcan Kearney (34d 100/100) beating Harry Smith (85/85/122) but the Swifts then won the next three games to level at 3 3 thanks to James McStravick (33d 95/100/96) beating Eugene Brannigan (83/97/140&81) and that was followed by a man of the match performance from Patrick McGeown (27d 100/140/100/82) beating Dan Cahoon (100/100&85) with Tucker Kearney (30d 80/105/125/97&100) winning against Paul Smith (100&140)

The next game saw Stephen Lecky winning against Tom Kearney to put Caseys 4 3 up and Gerard Holmes (36d 79/140&76fin) beat Michael Burns to send Caseys into the semi finals

Q/F 4

Crumlin Star 5

Star Celtic 2

It was Crumlin Star that took the bragging rights in a tight game

Fra Glennon put them 1 0 up beating an unlucky Henry McTasney snr (85/85/100&85)and it was 2 0 when Peter Fitzpatrick (100/100/140&81) beat Paul Fitzpatrick (85/100)

The next match saw man of the match Gerard Smith (33d 100/100/85& a super 112 fin) beat Jim Flanagan to pull it back to 2 1 Dougie Bowes (83/95/&100) then beat Rab Lyttle (85/85&140)followed by a win for James Porter(83/85/79&79) over Martin Maloney making it 4 1

The next game saw Tony Kelly(125/81/85&85) pull one back with a good win over Freddie Stelges (85/93/121/81&121) to make it 4 2 only for Hugh Grieves to beat Henry McTasney jnr and send Crumlin Star into the semi finals.

So it was onto Thursday night in the St Matthews club and the four teams awaited the draw and Sparrows son Gerard made the draw pairing Crumlin Star with St Matthews and Hibs 58 with Caseys

S/F 1

Crumlin Star 1

St Matthews 5

Man of the match Martin Irwin (32d 82/99/100&85) put St Matthews 1 0 up beating Fra Glennon (95/95) and it was 2 0 when Jap Mc Kinley (100/100/95) beat James Porter and it was then 3 0 when Joe Mc Attamney (33d 100/81/100) beat Ben Lagan

The next game saw Hugh Grieves (100/100) beat Pat Mc Gahan(85/100&81) to make it 3 1 and the next game was a high scoring match with Tommy Henry (100/100/81/140/&80) missing a few doubles and big Davy McCusker (85/100/85/85&85) stepped up and hit his double to make it 4 1 to St Matthews and in the next game Gerard McGuinness put St Matthews into the final throwing some great darts (82/100/100and a super 2 dart 80 fin) beating Jim Flanagan

S/F 2

Hibs 58 5 Caseys 0

The scoreline is once again a bit harsh but 58 didn’t miss their doubles

Tucker Clarke(32d 100/100/&85) put 58 1 up with a win over Seamy Roberts (100&85) and the next game saw a man of the match performance from Tony Corr (31d 125/152/121&90) beating a gallant Dan Cahoon (100/81&95)

To make it 2 0

Jim Lynch (85&98) beat an unlucky Conor Smyth (81/81/100&100) who missed a few doubles which made it 3 0 and it was 4 0 when Martin Mooney (35d 81/140/81&83) beat Stephen Lecky (85&97) and unfortunately Caseys then had to give away a bye to Damien Corbett and that meant that Hibs 58 were through to the final


St Matthews 5

Hibs 58 4

These two teams didn’t disappoint in the final with Dessie Magee (26d 100/100/100/&140) putting St Matthews 1 0 up beating Damien Corbett (140) and it was 2 0 when Gerard McGuinness (35d 85/85/103) beat Jim Lynch

The next game saw a man of the match performance from Mark Lynch hitting a super 22 darter (140/140/99&140) in beating Billy McDade and earning himself £50 and it was 2 2 when Sean Patterson (36d 95/140/85/99&80) beat Jimmy Lavery (81&85)

58 then went 3 2 up when Tony Corr (35d140/100/100&81) beat Pat Mc Gahan(100/81/85&95)

It was 4 2 to 58 when Martin Corbett (100/100&85) beat Joe McAttamney (95/85/97) in a game of missed doubles and at this stage St Matthews were stirring down the barrel but Davy McCusker(100/96/135) pulled one back with a tight win over a gallant Joe Dineen (81/95/140) to make it 4 3 and Martin Irwin (29d 140/100/100/&80) threw a great game to beat a below par Martin Mooney and leave the score at 4 4

So it was all down to the final game and it paired Jap Mc Kinley(36d 100/140) against Tucker Clarke(100&85) with both players starting off slowly but with Jap sitting on 205 he put in a 140 and his next throw saw him take out the 65 to send the St Matthews team wild claiming the Sparrow McLaughlin Cup in a terrific final

At this point I think its only fitting to give a special mention to Gerard McLaughlin for his generosity in giving all the teams drinks for everyone

His £50 prize and trophy to the best player on the night(Mark Lynch) and the food supplied which was superb (far too much) and finally for sponsoring the cup

I would like to thank St Matthews club for their rooms and a donation to The Northern Ireland Hospice(£150)and to their staff